About the Alliance

The Governance Data Alliance is a community of governance data producers, users, and funders committed to the effective production and use of high-quality data to advance democratic governance reforms in countries.

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Numerous organizations collect and analyze data on the different dimensions of governance — ranging from corruption perceptions to fiscal transparency to business regulation and freedom of the press — to help shape policy reforms and ultimately improve economic, human, and democratic development. Unfortunately, the current state of the marketplace for governance data limits the potential impact of this information.

Data sets are available on various platforms in different formats. As a whole, they are also wildly incomplete, covering some countries and years but not others, and they are often produced with little to no understanding of who actually uses these data, and for what purpose. Additionally, production costs remain high despite possibilities for economies of scale. No single organization can solve those problems alone. We need a collective response to strengthen the production, use, and impact of governance data. This is why we formed the Governance Data Alliance.


The Governance Data Alliance encourages greater coordination amongst data producers to fill data gaps while simultaneously investigating who governance data users actually are. The goal is to produce and aggregate high-quality but accessible governance data that policymakers and other change agents can use to take action. The Alliance’s work is currently organized around four workstreams.


  1. Knowledge sharing and collaboration among data producers.

    This workstream supports peer exchange and technical assistance between groups within (and beyond) the Alliance on topics ranging from research methodology design and data analysis tools to data storage, data visualization techniques, and managing government feedback.

  2. Publishing and promoting a governance data dashboard that aggregates high-quality data in one place: www.governancedata.org.

    This workstream promotes improved accessibility, standardization, and use of existing governance data.

  3. This workstream involves an analysis of responses collected through the 2014 Reform Efforts Survey as well as the collection of new data through the novel “snap polls” focused on understanding future demand for governance data.

  4. Piloting coordinated data co-production efforts to explore possible economies of scale.

    This workstream aims to improve the availability of data, particularly for under-assessed countries, and to drive down the costs of data production over time.


For further information about the Alliance, please email us at dataalliance@r4d.org


The Alliance brings together a number of world-class organizations and individuals committed to the effective production and use of high-quality governance data. Current members include:

African Peer Review Mechanism AidData
AmidaTech Bertelsmann Stiftung
CIVICUS Freedom House
Development Gateway Global Integrity
Global Financial Integrity Inter-American Development Bank
Hewlett Foundation Millennium Challenge Corporation
International Budget Partnership Omidyar Network
Natural Resource Governance Institute Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Open Government Partnership Results for Development
Programa Nacional de la Competitividad United States Agency for International Development
Transparency International World Bank Group
World Wide Web Foundation World Resources Institute